Barnstable Horace Mann Charter School
5th Grade Curriculum Overview

Kara Peterson, Principal
Melisa Collins , Assistant Principal of Student Affairs
Peggy McEvoy , Assistant Principal of Academic Affairs

Laurel Brown
, Curriculum Coordinator

Helping Children at Home  - Parents As Partners
For more curriculum detail - Please visit the Curriculum Overview Page for 5th Grade Parents

Former U. S. Secretary of Education William Bennett states, "Not every teacher is a parent, but every parent is a teacher." We, in Barnstable, have seen the power of parents to affect student achievement. If parents are involved in the education of their children, they, once again, give their children that all-important message, along with a positive example, that education is important.

The ways you, as a parent, can be involved are:  
Provide an area free from noise and distraction    
Decide together the best time for study, and set aside that time daily    
Remind your son and daughter that there are three keys to success in school
         1. Do your very best each day in your classwork, and turn in work that makes you feel proud.
         2. Do your very best each day in you homework, and turn in work that makes your feel proud.
         3. Be respectful and responsible.
Praise your child for a job well done.    
Check your child's Agenda Book each night for homework assignments, and use it as a tool to communicate with your child's teacher.  Please remember to sign the Agenda Book.    
Make sure your child attends school regularly and comes to school on time.  Try to limit dismissals.    
Meet with your child and set goal for each term.  For example, copy your child's report card and set goals together.  Use this to measure progress throughout each term.    
Let your child know every day that education is important.    

Successful education requires schools and families to function as full partners in educating our children.

Thematic Units

All thematic units are standards-driven, based on the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks. 

Theme 1

Explore Our


Reading Different Genres:  Fiction

Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability

Number Sense and the Operations of Addition and Subtraction (whole numbers and decimals)


Exploration and Settlement

Earth in Our Solar System


*Technology/Engineering throughout the year

Theme 2

Weathering a
New Land

  Reading Different Genres:  Fiction 

Reading Different Genres:  Non-Fiction

Multiplication (whole numbers and decimals)

Division (whole numbers and decimals)

Thirteen Colonies


Theme 3

Revolutionary Ideas

  Reading Different Genres:  Non-Fiction (including research)

Reading Different Genres:  Poetry

Fractions and Ratios

The American Revolution

A New Nation

Matter and Forms of Energy


Theme 4

Expand Your Horizons

  Reading Different Genres:  Wrap-Up

Geometry and Measurement

Our Nation Grows: Expansion and Conflict



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Updated January 14, 2010